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WGHS Class of 1961

Webster Groves, Missouri
Alumni Committee

Wondering Who "The Committee" Is?

Well, its just a group of your classmates...

Our WGHS Class of 1961 activities are managed by a group of our classmates who volunteer their time so we can all have a good time. If you have any suggestions, comments, or recommendations about anything our class is doing please e-mail anyone on the Committee. If you have ideas as to what we might do as a class or as a small group within our class, send on the ideas.

We want to hear from you, E-Mail us your questions and comments!



Kathy Walker (Pratt), Co-Chair

  Harley Smith, Co-Chair

                                   Judy McCarron (Klingbiel)                             

Bob Johnson        Lee Curtis

                                      Marilyn Culp (Meier)                                      

Dave Hopmann

Co-chair     Kathy Walker (Pratt)     314-993-0301      katwalks@msn.com
Co-chair     Harley Smith     314-863-0808      harley.smith@charter.net
Database     Ann Reinhardt (Rich)     314-645-8511      ann.laura@sbcglobal.net
Treasurer     Dave Moody     314-821-0508      cmmdbm@msn.com
Classmate Search     Jerry Crump     636-300-1104      wheelspnr@aol.com
Classmate Search     Jack Harwood     941-379-4608      jharwood2@comcast.net

Class Gift: Kathy Walker (Pratt)     314-993-0301 & Harley Smith     314-863-0808  
Friday Night     Jerry Riehl     636-532-0417      madriehl@hotmail.com
Friday Night     Gary Turner     314-561-2328      gmturner2@yahoo.com
Website     John Frederiksen     636-391-7714      frederiksen11@msn.com
Buzz Book     Mary Gibbons (Wilcox)     314-727-7521      mary.wilcox43@gmail.com
      Hilary Beyer     314-961-8927      hilarybeyer@hotmail.com
      Bruce Grote     314-968-0620      brucegrote@att.net
      Peggy Lance Lavander     314-968-0360      kinlavender@sbcglobal.net
      March Maher     972-492-4622      march.maher@verizon.com
      Lucy Ann Mueller (Boston)     314-961-5515     abostonstl@aol.com
      Cherie Moeller (Moody)     314-821-0508      cmmdbm@msn.com
      Barbara Roberts (Russell)  314-962-0904      brrussell43@yahoo.com
      Betsy Stoddard (Zorumski)     314-968-5023      bzorumski@hotmail.com
      Sharon Stork (Brace)     239-472-2111      barefootbraces@embarqmail.com
      Bette Wagner (Goette)     636-394-3321      betget@swbell.net
      Colleen Wilkening (Kaminski)     317-844-9442      cmkaminski@aol.com
      Bill Carson     314-968-2027      carsonw@sbcglobal.net

If you have any questions about our Class of '61 Web Site, please send an email to John Frederiksen

We like hearing from classmates!